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This is the website for the Golden State Ercoupe Owners Club, Region 7 (California). 


Auburn, CA Flyin

The Ercoupe is a very fun airplane to fly.  Slide open the windows on a warm summer day and you have open cockpit fun. We believe that it is one of the finest airplanes ever designed.

The Ercoupe plane is a member of the family of planes known as Ercoupe or Aircoupe. The Ercoupe was designed between 1936 and 1940, with the first flight of the prototype in 1937. Before WW2, 112 were built and approximately 5,000 were made immediately after the war. About 400 more were built between 1958 and 1969. The original name was derived from the name of the company, ERCO, which stood for Engineering and Research Corporation. When later companies manufactured the plane, it was called the Aircoupe.                      
Designed by Fred Weick and a small team, the Ercoupe was the first plane to incorporate much of the original research that Weick performed as the assistant chief of the NACA aerodynamics division. These new features include the inability to be held in a spin, the tricycle landing gear to improve landing and take-off safety, the fully cowled engine, and a control system in which the rudders are linked to the ailerons to simplify controlling the airplane. All these features were invented by Fred Weick and his team.


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